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behind the scenes with cheyenne tozzi Live the Life, January 25, 2015

At only 26 years old Cheyenne has lived in America, Europe and Australia. Not only is Cheyenne a world famous model, she is also the star of a music band and has recently hosted The Face Australia alongside great friend Naomi Campbell. GQ Australia awarded Cheyenne with Woman of the Year in 2014 and with a move back […]


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Bone Broth. Have you tried it yet? Feed Your Soul, January 22, 2015

Bone broth, an ancient tradition that has more recently taken the health industry by storm. For those not in the know, bone broth is – quite literally – bones in water. Typically made from chicken or beef carcass, bones are left to simmer for up to 48 hours (the longer the better experts say). As the […]


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Eat to be Healthy with Daylesford Live the Life, January 16, 2015

Daylesford are taking over London’s health scene with their new Eat to be Healthy philosophy. Offering healthy menus, cold pressed juices, superfood powders, cutting edge cooking classes and exclusive recipes. Daylesford has made healthy eating easy, delicious and most importantly for life, not just January. The chocolate flavoured seeds are so delicious I practically munched […]


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Look like you care Live the Life, January 14, 2015

Working out does not mean forgoing all self-care. But how, if we’re working out, getting sweaty and waking up at the crack of dawn do we actually make ourselves presentable? Step one: crawl out of bed, head to the bathroom and get brushing. Teeth, not hair. Brushing your teeth is a must, if you don’t that’s gross. And there’s actually no […]


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Dimes Detox Dinner Recipe Feed Your Soul, January 13, 2015

If you’re in New York then over to Dimes NYC for an acai bowl like no other and a vibe so cool you never want to leave. If, like me, you’re not, then take a look at the recipe below shared by the one and only head chef Alissa. ROASTED SALMON WITH WILD MUSHROOMS, GREEN VEGGIE PUREE, AND […]


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Sarah Cadji on all things roots & bulbs Live the Life, January 6, 2015

It’s nearly a year since Roots and Bulbs opened it’s doors in Marylebone and what a lot has changed since – a second store in South Kensington has recently opened and a book launch is currently taking place. Roots & Bulbs isn’t your average juice bar, the drinks and food are organic, locally sourced, creative and […]


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The one and only resolution you need Feed Your Soul, January 3, 2015

New Year’s resolutions can be long and laborious so this year I have decided to give you one tip, and one tip only. DRINK MORE WATER. Seriously, drinking water works and in terms of health benefits, water is an absolute must… Hangover help: water can actually reduce that pounding head. Weight-loss: it promotes a feeling […]


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How to: cure a hangover Live the Life, December 28, 2014

Every Christmas and New Year passes with wildly fun nights but not so fun mornings. Pounding headaches and a feeling of nausea is a common way to see the new year in. Aside from putting down the booze and picking up the water there isn’t really anything we can do to totally avoid a hangover. What […]

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Beat that bloat before you burst. Live the Life, December 26, 2014

Feeling bloated? You’re not the only one. Don’t stress though (seriously, it’s tip #2) here are some helpful tips that will have you bloat-free in no time. 1. Chew. Sending chunks of food to your stomach and intestine is never a good idea. Teeth are there for a reason so chew chew chew! 2. Chill.  In stressful […]

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how to stay holiday healthy Live the Life, December 21, 2014

The next two weeks are most probably going to be full of festive feasting. So to ensure that your list of new years resolutions isn’t the length of… a piece of string?!… I have put together some simple and effective tips that will help you stay holiday healthy. 1. Indulge when it’s worth it. It’s Christmas […]

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